A Revolution ?

I never participated in any protest in my life. I guess that statement now may come as a matter of pride nowadays as getting in a protest lately has been easier than getting some apple juice from a supermarket. And I state that now because I refuse to act all patriotic since I live in a free country ( at least that’s what they say). I have my personal reasons for not going on any protest but the main reason for that was that I didn’t see actually that the problem ever was Hosni Mubarak. I was never with him and I hated him since I was a child since i got grounded at school in a day that all people in Alexandria remember as the Black Thursday because of the traffic being all jammed and people being stuck in the streets because of the respectable President passing by through the streets, and I think that reason is a very small one compared to things I saw later on in my life.But honestly speaking, I always saw that the problem never lied in a group of people or a government or this person or that person, no. It’s a problem of culture that caused this government system to be on for 58 years.Beside the problems that each individual faced daily because of the government which were the reasons why low class and uneducated people wanted to leave the country,the reason why middle and low-high class people wanted to leave the country was never because of money or unemployment or any materialistic reason only; it was actually because of culture.

Since I was born and raised in Egypt I saw things that never made sense and yet they were taken as if they are laws of nature or divine. For example: why do guys check out a woman’s back always while she is passing by whether she is wearing a mini skirt or she is veiled ? Why when there is an accident all the cars passing stop by, take a 5 minutes look and then continue with their way? aren’t these people in a hurry as I am in the morning to reach work in time? Feels almost as if they go around the streets only to watch accidents ! In marriage, why does the guy pay for everything and has to have at least 100,000 bucks to start his life ( that’s beside buying the apartment of course) ? and why does the girl have to listen to the guy : “don’t meet this” and “don’t go out with that” while he can do whatever he wants without being questioned ? does it have to do with the money he paid , liked he owns her now? put that beside strange driving, uneducated people being in the spot treated like scientists while true scientists are in the obscure, corruption in the government including police etc. etc. etc..

I know many of you will tell me that the reason why this happened is the government but people I tell you : Where does the government come from ? where does the police come from ? they’re all made out of you , people. All the things you teach to your kids they come out in life and apply it there and that’s what these people applied there so the revolution shouldn’t be in Tahrir Square and shouldn’t be in the streets only. They should be in yourselves and should be in your houses.

RIP George Carlin :” Garbage in, garbage out!”
قالو لفرعون ايه فرعنك قالهم ملقتش حد يلمني !