Give our women a chance ! سيب المزَّة تاخد فرصة

my fellow Egyptian people : we have got a problem ! the female sex in our country is an endangered specie ! and I actually believe it’s totally our fault . How would they live in this wild forest full of harassment, religion craze and underestimation ? How would they prove themselves in this junk of a culture we have where when you want to be decent you need to pretend , when you want to get married you need to pretend and all you need to do is to pretend well ? they even need to pretend they’re pretty to be actually pretty ! you see a fat barrel walking in tights, acting all Monroe and she gets all the attention she needs with “على فين يا قمر ” and “مصلحة ولا مروحة” and such comments that any real decent girl wouldn’t enjoy ! so imagine if a real pretty girl is walking down the streets what would be her agonistic fate in these wild streets ? death by rabid predators ! even if she doesn’t want it !

Oh good ol’ days where have you gone ? when the worst thing a woman could face is a sweet gentle harassment telling her that the street is lucky to have such sexy legs hit on its floor ! but now everything seems artificial and wrong and narrow ! the options ran few and all what a decent guy like me wish for : a good girl, looking good and natural, caring about me and herself for my sake has become something of a legend ! and it’s all our doing ! When I was a kid I used to see 2 kinds of women in the street : girls that took care of their looks without a veil but yet they were respected in the street and those who were too close to God that felt that they don’t want to show their body even their hair but yet were trying to look good smell good and all these things that any human being should try to do ! girls who hid their faces wearing niqab were few and no one was even bothering about them . Then came the bloody 90’s and all this started to switch all slowly : People started to look for wives who are veiled because this showed for them that she is decent and well mannered so the number of veiled women started to increase drastically . and these who chose not to be veiled were looked upon like they are whores or let’s use a weaker word : sluts . and before you knew it with the apparition of Amr Khaled  all the streets were full of veiled girls ! the problem here is that the veil who is supposed to represent under it a woman who is religious , decent and well mannered  started the represent the commoners and sometimes even the worst of them ! awful smells of sweat and the shallowness and narrowness of minds in a scale never seen before ! most of the sluts and real whores even started to wear it as a cover and they go out at night to make out with their lovers in the street by the sea “كده عيني عينك” ! the problem with these girls is 2 things : 1st – Their percentage now in the 2010’s increased badly : for me it’s 60% of these masked sluts 15% of “real” veiled girls and another 15% for girls with Niqab and almost 90% of girls are girls with psychotic problems and the slogan “ I want to be “free”” and free here is the equivalent of “ I have complications and I’ll let it out on you” each of them is having a story that drove her into being the way she is whether is veiled , wearing niqab , wore the veil and took it off or not veiled even and is applying it on every male subject infront of her ! and 2nd : who’s the victim of all this : the decent guys like me and the good old 10% of girls ! ( decent guys could be also 10% btw )

Why do we treat pretty girls like sluts ? why do we force them “ either you wear a veil and comply or you die”?I thought these things ought to be spiritual and truly felt from the heart not forced on you else girls will be veiled or not but still horrible the way they are these days because they are always forced . I miss the days when girls used to smell like girls , when their bodies used to look like a female body not like King Kong!( ودول كمان كينج كونج وخرنج ) when they acted like females when they talked like females …. Where is the female specie , my fellow Egyptian people ? Decency doesn’t require a certain uniform for women or even men so that if you wear it you’re decent and if not so are infidel and you should be harassed in the worst ways ever ! I still moan deep inside in agony remembering the story of this news reporter who got harassed by 200 people when Mubarak left the presidency and all this because she was blonde and good looking … why ? Our women on earth wore a veil thousands of years ago before even the existence of religion and they didn’t wear it thousands of years after the existence of religion . It’s the way it’s going to be and the way that will always be so please : Let our women be women once again ! not through pretending but through existence !

وعلى رأيي الشيخ محمد عبده : رأيت في أروبا اسلام بغير مسلمين ورأيت هنا مسلمون بغير اسلام

لكن وحياة أمك إنت هناك مكانش فيه محجبات


2 thoughts on “Give our women a chance ! سيب المزَّة تاخد فرصة

  1. I’m not really aware of the situation there, everything I know is mostly from what you told me and the stuff I see posted on Facebook (I know, that’s lame ‘cause everyone there is mostly faking). So I can say that I kind of pity Egyptian guys (as you said 10% of them at least) and also I pity the girls that are kind and end up treated like everyone else. You’re right when you say it’s the culture and all the crap that’s eating up the country. People get influenced easily by this and end up forgetting their own nature. Things change in time, but unfortunately they’re going south. You’re talking about psychopaths; I’m talking about sluts, in the real sense of the word. Not the ones who go and make out at the seaside (or whatever that place you mentioned was), but those that do way worse things than this (I bet you can imagine what sort of things). I can also remember a time where girls here used to be decent, intelligent and talented. Now? Ha-ha-ha … we’re called the sluts of Europe. That’s not nice, especially since a percentage (however small that is) of decent women, girls, etc. still exists. But anyways, I’m saying each country has its troubles with this crap. In your case it’s a bit milder than ours. At least most of your girls have a bit of decency left, when here they’re shameless in the most disgusting sense of the word.The conclusion might be that humanity is turning obsolete… Let’s see if there will be a bit of hope left for the rest of us…

  2. thats everywhere now ya hesham, you think about it thanks to the media with the music videos and movies it has sexualised the image of women and made men think that every woman is easy to get and be with. the veil itself is a cultural thing not religious as the hadeeth states if the woman is to cover up she must do all areas except faces, hands and feet. all in all men are just getting more desperate while the women are looking for decent blokes only to get ones that are rude and incompetent. from my experience as an observer in a marriage doomed to fail, the man must treat the woman with repsect islamically or culturally. never have we seen such degrading of the mothers of our future children to the point where it is now.

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