A letter to my best friend

I thought today what should I write since it’s your birthday but I found in my mind few words that could describe how happy I am today so I dropped the idea of making something poetic today … but there is no way I could let this day pass without doing something a bit special so I’m writing you a letter … A letter to my best friend who backed me up when everyone thought I was a fool and didn’t support me. I will not talk too much because I don’t want to waste your time reading an article on your birthday. But simply, thank you for the great years we spent together and I’m looking for more to come and us to be closer and closer … you were my greatest support and my best friend and you made my life way much better while others who had more chances than you in my life to do so ruined the chance and made it much worse … I thank you for being the way you are . Your personality is fantastic and you’re such a charm 🙂
Tell your mom your family and all your friends that somewhere in the great city of Alexandria in Egypt , a very grateful guy lies there waiting for you because there nothing and no one in this world is worth the wait like you and again I thank you .
Until we meet
Your forever grateful best friend
Hesham or Hashu or H or whatever :p
                                   You are the best ever !
Happy birthday !