6 Things I’ve realized during the past month…

These are little things I realized during the past month … from beginning of July till today . Why am I writing them ? I don’t know honestly but there are many things I want to share with many of my friends and people generally and why ? maybe because I’m a bit talkative … I don’t know !
Mainly it’s an English post but Arabic might be used as well.
1- TV … y u no have new actors ? I was amazed seeing Egyptian series to have the same damn actors that I’ve been watching since I was a damn baby ! with the same fugly faces and same acting techniques ! Man this is 2011 ! what the hell ? bring new frigging actors ! only new style and actor I found was with Ahmed Mekky and it was hell good and hell funny … please ! have mercy ! more new stuff please !
2- Apple now is picking the ripe fruit they planted in 2007 . After the domination of Symbian that was sparked by the very needed evolution made by Nokia in the very beginning of the 2000s , the very old and prestigious Apple came back to life through iPod then iPhone which shook the cell phone world to the core and now they took the crown of the king of smartphone makers from Nokia in 2011 … Bravo Apple ! but beware ! for another beast is coming !running towards you like a raging bull … a beast called Google with its favourite sidekick : Android which doesn’t only release almost hundreds of phone models from many phone makers but also produces each year a dozen of top notch phones ( specially these created by Samsung ) while Apple on the other hand produces just one masterpiece per year … which became to be honest a very slow process considering how fast technology goes now ! A very neat and progressing OS that changes its looks and functionalities and expands beyond its limits  by each release and update . Samsung are making top-notch phones with amazing specs and amazing hardware ( specially monitors ) that as long as you hold a GS2 next to the masterpiece iPhone 4 you’ll easily see the Korean masterpiece overshinning  with its monstrous beauty of colours and symmetry. Your time is coming to an end , Apple because your prestigious iOS is overlooked by a more prestigious concept called Freedom. Mr Jobs neglecting the most used player in the world because he thinks the performance is too “fungus” for his precious iOS , using less than class cameras ( up till iPhone 4 honestly ) and neglecting a very useful tech called SD Cards , jailbreaking unlocking etc etc *yawn* and more stuff . Thank God for my new phone for it’s helpful, easy going and as lovely as it could be , we toz fik ya Osos TouchWiz 4 is good  !
3- Egypt has good looking , young and not boring girls who are less than 25 and single ! My friends do not miss the opportunity! I was hooked a while ago luckily and thankfully to the Lord but seeing you all single and miserable started to piss me off ! everyone except for Tabbakh should start looking up and why you “no”, Tabbakh ? you know !
4-FIFA 12 on the PC is gonna rock ! I didn’t see an actual gameplay video yet and I don’t need to ! This game is MINE ! can’t wait to have it and play with it and against my friends ! and any miserable SOB who still likes PES , may God dysfunctions that part in your brain that makes you do ! and glory glory Man United ! best team in the world … why ? Because it’s really different !
5-The Revolution Spark is over . I loved it , I enjoyed it and hell I wish it wouldn’t end but people laid me down ! After all what the majestic SCAF has done and will do and after the not well done yet hysterical play called Mubarak’s Trial , there is nothing I can do but to pray and wish for Justice to prevail , Science and Spirituality to unite and overcome Ignorance and Stupidity in this country ! وربنا يهديكم يا شعب جاع وجري ورا بطنه ولا طالشي!خلي بطنكو تنفعكم يا ولاد الصرمة !
6-Last and anything but least : I’ve been blessed with an angel in July .. and as they always recommended : I let her go … and waiting for her to come back to see and believe that she is meant for me . Thanks for making 2011 the best year in my life and thank God , for real big thanks . Nothing more can be said about this.
If I ruined my fasting with this , Allahuma enni Sa’em !
Ramadan Karim and I love you all ! You and “you” the most !