The Dark Entity

Is it too dark for you , pathetic humanity?

I’m regarded by everyone as a dark entity,a dark humorous clown,a cynical EG bourgeois son of a bitch.So funny to see how few are these who actually know me for who I am and who also accept it .

The problem is . I’m not gonna kiss anyone’s ass to please them . I’m anti-social it’s true . I do not enjoy attending weddings , birthdays and funerals in any way. I don’t find them mandatory and I don’t run to attend any of these things . I didn’t make a wedding for myself and I was happy the way i celebrated my marriage and how things went for me . Many people in my family got mad at me because I didn’t invite them. Even though I didn’t make that much of celebration . Did anyone understand that I’m different ? No . They had to go all mad at me and shit . So eventually why should I even bother ? They decided to be mad at me whatever what . I don’t give a shit then .

My family has long been gone . I made a new little one and I’m so ok with it thank God . The drought in my friends’ river is getting longer and longer . Then you blame me for being cynical and dark humored. Society, Friends and family ; you made me what I am and I’m proud of my upbringing and the end result . Don’t you dare criticize the final result of it because it’s all your doing .

Is it too dark for you , pathetic humanity?

Because it’s about to get even darker . Get your torches and get ready !

I despise you in my dreams. I’m your darkest dreamer yet .

Is it too dark for you , pathetic humanity?


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