Why publishing products based on region sales is wrong

iPhone 5 was a disappointment ? Sure it was. Apple does not even try to make phones to inspire anyone anymore. iOS is outdated ? Sure it is. You really cannot even tell the difference between each iOS version anyway. American Consumers care? No, because they are fed shit from the advertisements of how iPhone is the best phone that is and iPhone services work best in the US. Now what about the rest of the world?!

You see, each company in the world does not have a problem making a shitty product or an uninspiring one since it is going to sell well somewhere in the world. Hell, they will even make their services work best in that particular region with that particular reason. We all saw how lazy the makers of our phones, services and even video games and consoles are getting by the day. Ubisoft did not give a shit about their best-selling game yet Assassin’s Creed III not just as a game but even in terms of after sale services. They promised to deliver the game on PC same time as consoles which they did not do. As a result, by the time they released the first patch for consoles version, the PC version was out buggy as hell that is sometimes even unplayable. Was a patch ever released to PC? No! Same mistake with EA Sports’ FIFA franchise. They used to release a PC version inferior to this on the console. Why? They thought it is better for them since consoles in general have a better market than PC. Then they realized that European consumers, which are far more interested in football than American ones, play on gaming PCs more than consoles. They realized their mistake and eventually they ported the game to PC in the same quality, at the same time even. As a result, for this Europeans-only decision, there is no retail option for PC in the NA region! They have only a digital download version that many would not like and the retail version of the PC version is sold anywhere but the North America because consoles there is more common!

iPhone was a great product and the ultimate choice for anyone who wanted to have a premium mobile experience till Google and Samsung got in the game with brute force . They brought an alternative mobile experience that was dumbed down from the geek only level to the any consumer level with far better specs and cheaper prices in most of the world. You know what Apple deiced to do? Nothing. They continued to sell their iPhone with dumbed down capabilities but easy to use UI that they have been using for 5 years with no changes whatsoever but very subtle ones. Just because it sells well the US! I mean come on, who cares about the rest of the world if we have the majority of the US market in our pocket? And to make matters worse, Siri works ultimately and amazingly in the US while outside the US it is a very dumb and cheap version of its glorious self and no one seem to care! Same shit Google and Amazon throws on us with the huge number of services that is US only! And Google, did you care about investing into something more capable for your Android platform? Samsung are doing a much better job with their Nature UX and now they are working on Tizen and Ubuntu are making a phone version, which will attract some people as well that could use Android. However, I am sure you are very ok with the sales numbers now and you will just get busy fighting Apple over the US market!

Nintendo, what the hell are you doing? First, you made Wii, which was such a gimmick and something to buy to your kids and wife to have “some quality gaming time” with them! Then you made Nintendo 3DS, which sold well only in Japan and Asia. Then your answer to the success of Kinect is this? Wii U? Next Gen? What the fuck! Again you went for another dumb gimmick, And again you will lose more hardcore gamers in favor of the Japanese market to fight Sony over it! You start to steal IPs from the other consoles (Bayonetta) in order to sell your console? This is how it is for you now? Well you might gain the Japanese market which I doubt you will do so with the Wii U but you won’t take more than this! See, EA that cares about profit as well will not make a port for Crysis 3 on Wii U because they will not get shit from that, and dumb people who bought Wii U outside Japan will weep because Japanese people do not care much about FPS games made by EA! And I’m sure some of them do care, but you don’t!

Business decisions based on regions are wrong. It affects us in a way or another in such a negative way. The world became a borderless place because of the internet and yet you still think like the old days. You are all going for easier decisions so that you do not tire yourself making products better because you are so comfortable with the sales you make in a certain region! This is wrong and that is not what many people are expecting from you. You see this with all the major companies in all the major industries and many people are ok with it while they should not be. Region restricted products are crap specially these that are software based. I do not see why we are following these rules and I so much support rebelling against them. Everything should be the same quality with the same price everywhere and that is that.


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