Why am I a gamer and always will be

Today while sitting at my boring work doing absolutely nothing I saw this article by mistake http://me.ign.com/en/feature/7941/what-it-s-like-to-be-a-gamer-in-egypt and it got me totally sad . I saw a teenager boy forced to watch horrible TV station and horrible shows because his PC was broke and he couldn’t afford to buy a new one . I saw him using the PC and playing horrible games because his VGA was broke and saw him getting ripped off for 300 bucks to buy a used VGA to play FIFA, his favorite game . I saw an even younger boy telling his brother in law about Max Payne when it was first released for him to buy it from Malaysia ,and later on meeting me with a big smile on his face because of how awesome this game was ,while I didn’t have the chance to play it . Also saw him buying pirated games to go to his friends and install it and keep it there so that they play it and enjoy it .

The thing is, life is so boring . Whenever I turn to society I see them doing boring things like giving compliments to each other. Attending birthdays, weddings and funerals. All my friends lost interest in video games and most of them lost interest in me as well . You see, the truth is everything has an end even friendships. But you know what never ends for me? The fun I get from video games and a reliable PC that makes it all possible . Of course PCs tend to get outdated and sometimes broken but who cares ? Eventually you upgrade and things are all great and fancy once more. An introvert like me gets to enjoy his time in his house away from all the noise, pollution, fights and oppression in the street by having some quality time with an awesome game that takes you away from that shitty life and bring you to a virtual place where killing monsters and people is possible, where you manage a famous football team or where you face the devil or Greek gods and kill them.

To all people who used to play games and gave up. For me you’re people who traded fun for boredom, who traded awesome free times with your friends with “obligations” that you should not have . and funnily some of them are working as developers in Facebook video games company ! Shame on you , my friend . To all non-gamers, try it . It’s much better than you think . And for all these that say games are only for kids, fuck you . I’d rather be a kid than to be a douchebag like you.

For all gamers , metal-heads and rockers in Egypt . You’ve gone a long way and you stayed the same throughout oppression by the most undeveloped minds , and that is the worst oppression . Be proud of yourself .

Proud to be a gamer in the mud-lands .
Proud to be different .

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