Social Monkeys

It’s a term I coined last night at 5 am . Social Monkeys. For me this term describes the majority of the Egyptian population and some people who are not Egyptian but have the same social diseases probably . It’s so common and ancient that no one complains about it anymore but these that come from the other planet – I mean any other country- and are totally in shock of what they see happening in the streets of this country.

But before the streets let’s talk a bit about social networks –specially Facebook- which is totally abused by the monkeys . You see , most of people don’t get the idea of “Social Networks” anyway. And before I go any further , I have to admit that each person is free to do whatever he or she wants with his/her social network account . I just am confessing about the things that would bother lots of people and many of them wouldn’t have the courage to be honest with you and tell you about them. Back to Social networks , they are not online dating websites. They also are not your online photo gallery and actually they should have very little to do with you in real . These websites are made simply assuming that you have a normal and healthy social life and you’d like to extend it online with stuff that would relate to you first ,and then to everyone else from your entourage who you know in your real life. A picture you took with your smartphone for example, a link to a video you enjoyed on YouTube or even a small medical advice you heard from the internet are totally ok and in fact are totally welcomed . But you know what is not ? 365 albums of pictures! Each album represent a day in your life and how you felt back then, and most of them would be duplicate pictures anyway. Only way that would be acceptable is you being a real life model and this is your business account, then yeah knock yourself out . Sending riddles to your social network seeking attention ,like just putting as status a sad smiley face so that all your girlfriends and boyfriends ask you what’s the matter and how you feeling. How about giving your true friend a phone call and talk about it in real life ? Most probably your true friends know what’s wrong with you and they’ll talk to you and comfort you . Begging for attention like this is just disgusting . We all did this when we were teenagers on MSN but doing this now is totally immature and unacceptable . And let’s keep it to “immature”, no need to use foul words in this piece of writing.

Now to talk a bit about the streets . Let’s all agree about the term of “freedom” that you are free to do whatever you want in the streets UNLESS what you are doing invades people’s comfort and personal space . Dear Egyptians, there is something called “personal space” ! And you have no idea that it exists ! Should I mention the loud music and talking loudly in general ? Should I mention the 2 hours phone calls in public that would make us all know the most private details of your life ? What about bringing your baby infant to the movies or to a crowded restaurant ? How about making a hell of noise with your army of cars because you are getting married ? and making a huge tent blocking the street with speakers, so powerful that would wake up aliens on Mars, playing Quran because someone died ? And many more . Who invented these stupid traditions ? And why are we following them ? And why should I be following you following them ? Questions that will remain always unanswered . And the problem is that If you don’t follow the rules of being a monkey and show your feelings their way, whatever what you’re happy or sad about for them does not exist . They act as if these things make them warm people but it turns them to superficial freaks who just care about loud propaganda not true feelings . They only respond to their monkey screams and vulgar moves.

Keep your personal details to yourself since I’m not family nor friend . And please keep your monkey lives away from me.

And please do not mistake my words with rudeness to people in general . Introvert behavior could be not rude . People in foreign countries became so practical that they barely look at each other in any way while walking in the streets and that’s exaggerated . I think we all should be pleasant and say good morning and smile and all that .Helping an old lady cross the street is always a nice thing and it has nothing to do with being an introvert person. But on the other hand, shoving your private life into others lives this way is not a nice thing . And it’s an indication of why all our social relationships are big failures whether they’re public or personal.

People, respect privacy. Respect personal space . This will grant you eternal peace and quietness. Look at what our social lives became to and you’ll notice you’re doing lots of things wrong . Time to fix it .

What your behavior makes me feel

What your behavior makes me feel

4 thoughts on “Social Monkeys

  1. LooL … You have all the right specially when it comes to the “street” part …. and the list is endless … but for your own good, you have to stop commenting everything around you 🙂

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